Blocked Drains? Here Are Other Benefits Of Camera Drain Inspections That You Probably Don't Know About

Posted on: 10 November 2016

If you are experiencing blocked drains at home, seeking a camera drain inspection from your plumbing service is extremely important. The camera inspection helps to pinpoint the source of the blockage easily and cheaply. However, that is not all. Camera drain inspections have other great benefits that most people don't know about. See what they are below.  

Use inspection footage to seek repair quotes When you seek a camera inspection of your drain pipes, you can then use the footage provided to compare quotes from different plumbers. With the footage in hand, prospective plumbers will quickly understand the exact nature of the problem and will be able to give you a correct estimate. This is as opposed to you having to explain the problem by mouth as possibly not conveying the nature of the problem accurately. Instead, you can simply email it to a few plumbers and wait for feedback. 

Record the damage and compare with future repairs You can also keep your drain inspection footage and use it for future comparisons when your drain system experiences a problem again. Using the footage, you will be in a position to compare it with subsequent footages in order to determine if the damage has occurred at the same spot, if the damage has been caused by the same factors, if the damage is as a result of the previous work not being done satisfactorily, etc.  

Seek legal recourse depending on where the liability lies Your drain inspection footage can also help you seek proper recourse if you feel that another party was responsible for the damage. For example, if you feel that the plumber who installed the drain pipes did a bad job, you can use the footage to prove your point and seek a do-over. In the same way, if you feel that a tree or garbage truck belonging to the local council caused the damage to your drain pipes, you can use the footage from the inspection to try and seek a redress on the matter.  

Seek insurance compensation where applicable Lastly, you can use the drain inspection camera footage to seek insurance compensation if you feel that the drain blockage repairs are applicable. Of course, this depends on the terms of your home insurance coverage. If applicable, you might enjoy getting compensated for your drain unblocking costs. This is especially helpful if the drain repairs needed are extensive, e.g. dig-and-replace repairs that require some of the drain pipes to be replaced.  

So if you are looking for blocked drain repairs, don't forget to seek camera inspections first. That footage does more than just to help pinpoint where the drain problem lies.