• Why Has Your Gas Water Heater's Flame Changed Colour?

    The gas flame on your water heater is usually a steady blue colour. However, you look at the flame one day and see that it is burning more of a yellow or orange colour. Why has your heater's flame changed colour and what should you do about it? Why Should Gas Flames Burn Blue? Any gas flame should burn blue. This colour shows that the gas that is burning has the right combustion conditions and is safe.
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  • 4 Signs That Point to a Frozen Pipe in the Home (And How to Fix It)

    For any homeowner, the thought of a frozen pipe can be scary. If undetected, frozen pipes can cause extensive damage to your plumbing system and to your home in general. For example, the ice inside a frozen pipe can expand and rupture the pipe itself. Even worse, leaking water can enter the home and cause water damage, the growth of mould/mildew, and costly pipe damage. You can prevent much of these risks by paying attention to your plumbing system.
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