Four Tips On How To Limit Your Pool Pump Repairs

Posted on: 21 November 2016

The pump is the heart of any given swimming pool. It keeps the water circulating all through. And in so doing, it facilitates pool cleaning, pool heating, and pool water decontamination. You therefore do not want your pool pump to fail at any time as that would mean a lack of all these services and a suspension of all swimming activities. In this article, learn how you can avert pool pump repairs, not just in order to keep your pool open but also to save you money.

Have the pool installed away from reach

One way to prevent pool pump repairs is to have the pump installed away from reach where no one can tamper with it. Kids, who often frequent swimming pools, can easily get tempted to play around with the pump, often resulting in subsequent damage. In that regard, have your pool pump installed in a locked area or underground. This will ensure that the pump runs smoothly without undue external interference.

Install the right pump size for your pool

As explained earlier, a pool pump has lots of functions to carry out. With that in mind, the pump unit needs to be powerful enough to deliver on all those functions seamlessly 24/7. For that to happen, the pump needs to be big enough for the particular size of the pool. If the pump size is not adequate, the unit will strain during the delivery of its functions and that will end up in repairs touching on high fuel consumption, internal wear, excess noise, smoke, leaks, and other issues.

Keep the pool clean at all times

One of the functions of the pump is to keep the pool clean. However, that be as it may, the pump also relies on the pool's cleanliness to run smoothly. If the pool has lots of physical dirt, that can cause clogging of the pump's impellers and possible dry-running. This can result in overheating, high fuel consumption, leaks and breakdowns, all which will need repairs to get the pump back running.

Seek regular servicing of your pump

And lastly, prevent pool pump repairs by seeking regular pump servicing. Your pool pump needs servicing so that wearable parts such as oil filters, water filters, mounting screws, fuses, capacitors, gaskets, hoses, fittings, and bearings can be replaced on time in order to prevent pump breakdown. As such, seek scheduled servicing or scheduled preventive servicing in order to stay ahead of the repairs every time.

Also be sure to have your pool plumber check on any minor issues early on before they develop into bigger issues that will cost you more in terms of repairs and pool closure.