A Look at Some Popular Plumbing Protection Devices Used to Prevent Clogging Issues in Kitchen Drains

Posted on: 24 February 2017

One of the biggest problems most individuals experience with their residential plumbing drains is clogging. Plumbing drains usually get clogged due to a buildup of unwanted elements. When this happens, the drains will have to be cleared so as to ensure unobstructed flow is restored. This can result in high plumbing costs annually. A good way to avoid clogging problems in your residential plumbing drains is to incorporate drain protection devices or appliances into the system. These devices are designed to prevent unwanted substances from entering your residential drains. 

Below are some popular plumbing drain protection devices used by many Australian homeowners to prevent clogging issues in the kitchen drains.

Garbage disposals

One of the plumbing appliances every person should have in their home is a garbage disposal. Typically found in the kitchen, garbage disposals are designed to prevent soft food leftovers from going down your drains. Hard-to-grind food waste or non-food items should not be allowed into the disposal, as they can damage the blades of the appliance. Without a garbage disposal, it is easy for kitchen sink drains to get blocked as a result of constant disposal of food waste into the drains. To ensure they keep functioning correctly, garbage disposals should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Sink strainers 

Very many people often overlook the importance of sink strainers because they often come as a standard feature of kitchen sinks. But these plumbing features play an integral role in ensuring that kitchen sinks do not quickly get blocked. Any time you pour some wastewater in the kitchen sink, your kitchen strainer will prevent any large bits of leftover food from going into your drains. If your kitchen sink does not come together with a strainer, you will have to buy one. Because they're a standard fit, virtually any strainer commercially sold out there should be able to align well with your sink opening as well as the drainpipe.

Grease traps

Cooking grease is one of the main reasons as to why kitchen sink drains become blocked. Therefore, under no circumstance should it be disposed in the kitchen sink. And no, it should not go down the toilet either. There is a better method to dispose of cooking grease – grease traps. 

Grease traps are intended to prevent greasy substances from going down your kitchen drains. They will intercept the grease in wastewater before it can congeal inside your drains and cause clogging problems. If you often use grease for your cooking, grease traps are an investment you should definitely consider having in your kitchen.

Your residential plumber can always recommend other drain protection systems for your home, depending on your specific plumbing requirements.