Less Obvious Signs You May Have Leaking Pipes

Posted on: 8 May 2017

It's pretty obvious when you need to call out a plumber, right? You go into the bathroom, only to find a puddle on the floor where pipes are leaking. You head to the kitchen to make dinner, and discover the sink is backed up and water won't drain away. Or maybe you put on a load of laundry and start the washing machine, but it doesn't seem to be taking in any water.

With these types of problems, you know straight away that you probably have a plumbing problem, but it's not always so obvious. Look out for these warning signs that you might have leaking pipes that need urgent attention from a professional.

Increased water usage

It's normal for your water consumption to go up and down over time, changing with the seasons as well as your personal needs. But if there seems to have been a sudden increase that isn't going away, it could be because of a leak.

Even small, slow leaks can really add up when water is constantly being wasted, so you might notice a difference in your bills that can't be explained by your activity.

Damp patches

When you think of leaking pipes, you might envision a dramatic event with water everywhere or a strong gushing from large cracks and gaps. That isn't always the case, however.

With a slow leak, the only sign might be patches of damp on carpets, walls and upholstery. It's easy to put this down to high levels of ordinary humidity, but it could be originating from your plumbing, so get it checked out.

Reduced water pressure

Pay attention when you use taps, take a shower, or run the washing machine. If the water isn't coming out as strongly as it normally does, the drop in pressure might be caused by a leak somewhere in the pipes.

Mould or mildew

Moulds need moisture to thrive, and this sometimes just comes from the damp you get in some houses normally. It should be more suspicious if you suddenly notice patches of mould that you're not used to getting, as the increased moisture could be down to a leaking pipe.

Odd smells

This is one that should be immediately obvious but might not have you thinking of plumbing right away. Damp fabrics start to smell quite quickly, especially if mould is developing. Sudden damp smells that seem to happen for no apparent reason should be cause for concern.

You may need to look into plumbing services if you have a leaking pipe issue.