Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

Posted on: 22 May 2017

When you're preparing for a bathroom renovation or remodel, you want to ensure you take your time to consider all the details involved in your new plans. This will keep you from trying to retrofit certain features and details after the work is done, which can be more time-consuming and costly and will also ensure you get a bathroom you love and that works for you for years to come. Note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid in your new bathroom space when you're planning a remodel, and discuss these with a contractor as needed.

Overlooking storage

When you pick out a new sink, shower surround, and other such features for your bathroom, you may not think much of the storage in the space, so you might choose items based on their appearance alone. It's true that a new pedestal sink can look very attractive and open up a small space, but this also means there will be no hidden storage under the sink. A shower surround made of thick tile may mean no shelves for storage in the bath area, and taking out an unsightly medicine cabinet can make the bathroom look good but also eliminate that needed storage behind the mirror. Always plan your storage features when you plan the remodel so that your bathroom will be not only beautiful but functional as well.

Wood flooring

Timber flooring is very attractive in a home, and you may want the look of wood floors in your bathroom, but this can be a mistake. Even with regular sealing, wood flooring will absorb moisture and humidity in a bathroom and then expand and shrink, causing the slats to then cup and bow or crack. A better choice would be a timber-look tile made of vinyl or laminate, or you might break up the look of wood flooring in your home by adding a complementary stone tile to the bath instead.

Neglecting weight

Your home's subfloor will only hold so much weight before the floorboards and beams will begin to crack and shift. When you add new pieces to your bathroom, you may not think to check their overall weight and note if they would be heavier than the pieces that are in the bathroom currently; however, new stone tile, a new claw-foot tub in a heavy porcelain, and other such items may be more weight than the floor can handle. You may need to add bracing to the subfloor or even shims to help hold up and disperse that weight in order to keep the home's structural integrity intact.