3 Advantages of a Gas Hot Water Heater Versus Electric

Posted on: 28 May 2017

When your home needs a new water heater, you can typically choose between the popular options of gas and electric; both may work very well to heat the water you need for everyday use, but there are some advantages to choosing a gas hot water heater over the electric type. Before you decide on the model for your home, note a few of those advantages here, so you know you make the right choice and are happy with that water heater for years to come.

No connection needed

When you install an electric hot water heater, you typically need to connect it to the city's electrical supply, as it may easily deplete the power of any generator. However, a gas plumber can easily connect a gas hot water heater to propane tanks you have stored on your property. This can allow you to have hot water readily available, even if your property's utilities are often interrupted by storms, flooding, brownouts or slowdowns in electrical service, and the like. This can also be the right choice for those who want to be "off the grid," or not reliant on government services, as much as possible.

Less pollution

You may think of electricity as being clean energy because it doesn't produce fumes and emissions as it powers your home's electrical appliances, but electrical power plants often produce lots of emissions and pollution! Those power plants may burn plastics or petroleum based products or some other materials that emit fumes, as they operate in order to generate that electricity, and this can mean added pollution in the environment. If you're concerned about your carbon footprint, meaning the amount of pollution for which you're personally responsible, a gas hot water heater is actually the cleaner, greener option.


While electricity may not seem very expensive in your area, the cost of the propane or natural gas you need for a gas hot water heater is often much cheaper overall. Note, too, that natural gas prices and propane prices may not fluctuate as much as electrical prices and charges from your utility company, so you can often see fewer increases in the cost of heating water over the years when you choose a gas heater. If you have room for large propane tanks on your property, you can also stock up on this natural gas when it's cheaper and then not need to worry about any fluctuating costs until that gas runs out!

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