Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Towel Warmer

Posted on: 17 July 2017

Would you like to buy some accessories to increase the extent to which you enjoy taking a shower? Read on and discover some factors that will help you to select the best towel warmer for your home.

Hydronic vs. Electric Towel Warmers 

Towel warmers can be electric or hydronic. Electric towel warmers use heating elements to warm your towels. The device can be integrated into the wiring system of the bathroom, or you may buy one that can simply be plugged into a power outlet in the bathroom.

Hydronic towel warmers depend on the hot water supply of your home to heat your towels. These towel warmers tend to be difficult to install due to the need to accommodate them in the hot water supply system without affecting the other points of use for that hot water.

The Mounting Style

Some towel warmers need to be mounted onto the wall or floor while others are freestanding. However, hydronic towel warmers rarely occur as freestanding devices due to the need to connect them to the hot water supply. Consider the layout of your bathroom and select a mounting or installation style that will fit into your desired setup. For instance, you should buy a wall-mounted device when you have a small bathroom in which floor space is limited.

The Size

Think about how you plan to use that towel warmer once it is installed. Would you like it to have storage space for all your towels? How quickly would you want the towels to warm up? Such questions will help you to select the right size of towel warmer for your home. For instance, you should buy a larger towel warmer if you are interested in having your towels warmed up quickly. However, don't buy one that will be so large that it will dominate your bathroom.

Switches and Timers

It is normally advisable to leave the towel warmer on at all times so that you avoid the high energy consumption during the starting phase of its operation. However, some people may need to turn off the warmer in case they will be away from home for an extended duration. In this case, you have a choice between choosing a towel warmer with in-built switches or switches that are installed outside the unit. You can also consider buying a towel warmer with a timer so that you get your towels warm long before you go for your shower.

The tips above will help you to narrow down your options when you are sorting through the huge variety of towel warmers available on the market. Don't hesitate to contact a plumber or electrician for help in case you run into any issues as you install your purchase.