Hot Water Recirculation System: Basics and Benefits

Posted on: 9 January 2018

Are you tired of experiencing hot showers that end the lukewarm bath? Would you like to know how you can cut off your bills and save on water?  Then hot water recirculation system is the answer to your problem. This is an instantaneous and efficient hot water installation system for home water heating.

There're numerous advantages of using this type of water system.  In addition to saving you money, it's also a perfect way of natural resource conservation. Generally, hot water recirculation systems can save a home with more than 10,000 water gallons every year.

How does the hot water recirculation system work?

There are two main categories of hot water recirculation-systems; the integrated system and the demand system. Usually, in both scenarios, when the hot water faucet is turned on, instead of allowing lots of cool water run down the drain as you wait, that lukewarm or cold water is returned to the system through the cold water line.

With the demand system, less energy is used, and more water is saved. A motion or switch sensor kick-starts the circulation pump, moving the lukewarm water back to the heater. When the sizzling water gets back to the tap, the pump shuts off. This is because hot water is just heated demand.

The integrated loop constantly cycles hot water through plumbing fixtures . It is attached to these plumbing fixtures by a small pipe which allows hot water to pour down to the pipe into your sink, bathtub or shower when the valve opens.

Furthermore, if energy saving measures such as installing low flush toilets are something you are practicing, and this saves you water of up to 18,000 gallons, hot water recirculation system can save you more gallons of water up to 12,000 gallons on top of the initial 18,000 gallons. This reduces your water bills at a significant figure making your residential water treatment service happy. Moreover, municipal water waste is also minimized significantly after the installation.

With these few outlined benefits, get your hot water recirculation system installed by a professional. It may look easier to install but experts will do a perfect job for you, and this will save you time and money due to the damages that can come along in the long run. You can find a local plumbing service that has a specialist in modern water heater installation. Luckily, these systems can be found by researching online.