The Dangers Posed by Burst Pipes in Your Home

Posted on: 4 September 2018

Depending on the time you take to respond to a burst pipe, the losses that you will eventually incur can be reversible or irreversible. The total amount of money that it can cost you to correct the damage will also vary with your swiftness in getting the services of professional plumbers to handle the leak. Experienced and reliable plumbers, when called upon, can respond immediately to locate and repair the leak to prevent any further damage to the house.


As stated previously, the total damage that is caused by burst pipes can cost huge chunks of money to reverse, depending on the response period. If the water spreads to the basement, then chances are that it might flood there and destroy all the contents. Flooded water also places ceilings and house walls at a huge risk of damage. They may also be ruined aesthetically by stains, streaks and discoloration.

Furniture and flooring

All the furniture that is in the way of the water as it makes its way from the burst pipes might be ruined. Such damage can lead to various costs being incurred for repairing or replacing the property, depending on the damage level.  You might need to replace your carpeting or flooring, since flooding to an extensive level will cause irreversible damage.

Electrical appliances and short circuits

Electricity is another cause for concern with leaks in the house. Apart from electrical appliances being damaged, you risk having short circuits and sockets coming into contact with the overflowing water. This by itself is a huge hazard, since all who get into contact with the water risk getting electrocuted.

Mould and fungi

Mould and fungal growth within the house not only causes bad odours but also places the occupants at a huge health risk. These organisms are known to produce spores which eventually pollute the air and lead to long-term health complications for those living there.

Building structure

The structural integrity of your home is highly compromised when water leaks continuously onto various segments. Drywall can swell and warp when it absorbs leaked water. In the long run, the home may become hazardous.

It is always advisable to detect leaks at their early stages and to look for any burst pipes within the house. The above issues in their early stages can serve as signs, and expert plumbers will assist to repair the burst pipes before the damage is irreversible.