How to Keep Sparks Away From Possible Gas Leaks

Posted on: 30 May 2019

If you can smell gas in your home, then you have probably already called out a gas plumber to look at the problem for you. If you can't find a way to turn off your gas supply, then you may have opened all your windows to clear the air until your plumber arrives.

Even if you're only getting a faint whiff of gas every now and then, you do need to take extra care not to ignite the gas if you're staying in your home until the plumber gets there. What do you need to avoid doing?

Don't Use Naked Flames

If you do have a gas leak, then the leaking gas may ignite if it comes into contact with a naked flame. If you have any appliances with pilot lights in your home, turn the pilot lights off as soon as you can if you know how to.

This is not a good time to light up a cigarette or to light a scented candle to calm yourself down. Don't be tempted to get on with things and turn on your gas hob to cook dinner or to light your wood stove. Basically, you shouldn't have any naked flames in the property. Even a small gas leak can cause a major problem if the gas comes into contact with a flame.

Avoid Using Anything That Might Spark

Leaking gas can also cause problems if the gas comes into contact with something that creates a spark. Sparks can also ignite any gas that is in the environment.

So, don't use any light switches from this point. If you turn a light switch on or off, the switch could make a spark that is big enough to ignite a gas leak.

You should also avoid using any kind of electrical items, especially in the room where the leak seems to be located. This includes mobile phones. If you need to use your phone, leave the house and use it outside.

Finally, don't be tempted to grab a torch and try to find out where the leak is to help your plumber out when they arrive. Even the simple act of switching a torch on or off could spark a gas explosion.

Your plumber has the gas line leak detection tools and experience to work out if you do have a gas leak quickly and efficiently. They can pinpoint the source of the problem and fix it to make your home safe again.