How to Promote Efficient Maintenance of Stainless Steel Floor Wastes

Posted on: 14 May 2020

Stainless steel has become a common choice for drainage grates. Most homeowners understand the benefits that come with installing stainless steel floor wastes. These floor wastes are an economic choice that will serve for extended periods. Most homeowners, however, have a problem cleaning and maintaining their outdoor floor grates. Here is how you can encourage proper maintenance of stainless steel floor wastes

Use Drain Gates with Hinges

Cleaning indoor floor drains is not an issue for homeowners. That is because they wish to maintain hygiene and fresh air inside the house. Therefore, they often will do all they can to ensure that the indoor floor wastes are free from any remnants. But that is not the same for the outdoor drainage grates. That is because outdoor floor wastes have a significant amount of trash. Also, people need to unscrew to access and clean the drainage systems. 

Thus, individuals choose to wait until there is an accumulation of debris before cleaning these drainage units. At such moments, the drainage is prone to blockages. Installing hinged floor drains will make things easier for your clients. These clients will have no issue cleaning the grates every day. 

Integrate Filters and Grease Traps

Outdoor drainage units tend to get a lot of debris. The size of the holes in the grate determines whether large wastes such as twigs pass through the drains. If the holes are smaller, then these larger sized wastes will not pass through. Yet smaller waste pieces such as tissue paper will not have an issue passing through. After some time these wastes will cause blockage in the drainage pipe. Such situations are a nightmare for homeowners. Installing filter inserts will help your clients by trapping the debris and make it easy to clean the drainage.

Include LED Floor Grates

The traditional plain floor wastes are a bit boring. Thus, you need to capture the attention of the homeowner and visitors by including an outstanding design. Installing these unique floor wastes is not cheap, so many people will opt to stick to the conventional drainage grates. You can minimise costs by including the LED waterproof strips on parts of the floor wastes. That will create a great outdoor ambience. Homeowners, therefore, will be more likely to clean the drainage grates to avoid losing the unique touch. 


These are some ways to ensure your customers always have clean stainless steel floor wastes. Before you make any design choice for the steel grates, talk with your clients. That will prevent including elements that are not pleasing to them.