Why You Should Patch Your Roofing Up Before Summer Arrives

Posted on: 28 July 2020

It is very easy to take for granted the roof above you, but this is done at your own peril. If you forget to get a roofing repair done on time then you can put your home at risk of serious damage. Luckily, the chance of environmental damage is less severe in winter, but once spring starts to arrive, as it will soon, roofing repairs become vital. Here are three reasons why you should have your roofing checked before the spring and summer months arrive.

Wet Season

Australia is not traditionally known as a wet country, but the summer months are definitely the ones with a much higher chance of rain. If you notice a misplaced tile or some other break in your roofing material and are just trying to manage it for now then you really need to get it looked at by a professional before these summer months arrive. Not only is it the wet season, but it is also the time where tropical thunderstorms and heavy bouts of hail can come and wreak havoc on your property. When this does happen, you want your home to be as tightly sealed as possible to prevent serious structural damage.

Pest Movement

During winter months many possums, rats and other vermin like to stay in one place and not explore the environment around them. This all changes when the warmer months start to arrive, and that is when many look for refuge in roofs across Australia. Having a sealed roof is important to block these pests from your home. Even a small hole can pave the way for a whole family of rodents to start making their nest in your attic. Don't let them burrow their way in, get roofing repair done as soon as possible and rest in peace knowing nothing is scurrying around above you.

Fire Risk

One often underappreciated job that is included in roofing services is the removal of twigs, leaves and bark from your gutters surrounding your roof. These blockages not only make your gutter leak, but they can pose a significant fire risk by providing all the kindling elements for a fire to start with just the tiniest spark. Getting these bits and pieces out of your gutters can be quite difficult on your own, so that is why it is best left to the experts. Roofing repair contractors will also use this time to double-check your gutters are all in working order and that all the waterproofing on your roof is functioning as it should. 

To learn more about roofing repairs, feel free to contact roofing experts for more info.