Two reasons to get your restaurant's blocked drain fixed promptly

Posted on: 5 May 2021

Here are two reasons why you should have any blocked drains in your restaurant fixed promptly.

The smell could drive away customers

Even if the drain is located in an area of your restaurant that you and your staff rarely visit (for example, if the drain is connected to a second sink in the kitchen that you hardly ever use), you should still ensure that a plumber unblocks it as soon as possible. Blocked drains are usually very malodorous. This is because the debris that makes blockages in a drain includes things like food scraps and the soil that has been washed off vegetables, both of which tend to smell worse and worse as they rot inside a clogged drain.

If you spend all of your workday in the kitchen, you may have stopped noticing this smell, due to being around it all the time. However, your customers will not be used to this odour and may be so disturbed by it that they cannot continue to dine on your premises. As such, if you don't want your customers to be driven away by the drain's smell, you must get the debris that is clogging it up and causing this odour removed by a plumber.

The block could make a pipe in your kitchen burst

Another reason to get this blocked drain fixed promptly is that it might make a pipe in the restaurant's kitchen burst. This is because the debris that is stopping water from draining through the pipe could push at the walls of that pipe with enough force to make them crack.

A burst pipe in a restaurant kitchen wouldn't just be a temporary inconvenience; it could potentially lead to you having to close your restaurant for a while. This is because if the dirty pipe water touches the cabinets or walk-in fridges where you store ingredients, you might have to throw all of these items away and replace your entire food supply. Furthermore, you might have to undergo an inspection by your local sanitation department before you're allowed to reopen. To pass this inspection, you would probably have to do a huge amount of disinfecting and general washing of your water-soaked kitchen. Ordering new ingredients, deep-cleaning the kitchen, as well as arranging and undergoing the inspection could take weeks and during this time, you wouldn't be able to serve any customers. As such, it's vital to ensure a plumber fixes this blocked drain before it cracks open.

Reach out to a local plumber to learn more about blocked drains and what to do in case your drains get blocked.