Key Attributes to Look for in a Water Pump for an Outdoor Misting System

Posted on: 24 June 2021

If you love spending your summers on a patio, a deck, or a pergola, you will agree that the scorching sun can make the outdoors hot, especially if the floor is made of concrete. Fortunately, you don't have to worry because a misting system can lower the outdoor temperature significantly. Notably, a water pump is a critical component of a misting system because it helps push water through the plumbing and out of misting nozzles. However, you must install the right water pump to ensure that your misting system is effective. This article highlights tips for choosing a water pump for a patio misting system.

High-Pressure Water Pump

Most people will tell you that a water pump is unnecessary for a misting system to work effectively. Well, it might be partly true as long as you do not mind getting soaked while you sit on a patio relaxing. The reason is that water flowing at low pressure through the pipes results in large water droplets, which take longer to evaporate midair. If you want a truly effective misting system, then a high-pressure water pump is the best option. A high-pressure water pump is effective enough to produce tiny droplets that flash-evaporate midair. It means that you will not get wet regardless of how close you are to a misting system nozzle.

Silent Water Pump

The point of having an outdoor space is to relax away from all the noise in the house. Therefore, imagine seating in a patio only to gear the rumbling noise from your misting system's water pump. Anyone would be irritated by the noise because it defeats the purpose of creating a serene quiet oasis in your backyard. Rather than install a standard water pump, go for water-cooled models or designs equipped with noise-dampening hulls. Alternatively, you can buy a submersible water pump since they operate silently.

Low-Flow Safety

High-pressure water pumps can effectively handle a range of operating pressures. However, if you live in an area that experiences significant water pressure differences, your water pump will be at risk of serious damage. Notably, water fluctuations cause dry runs, eventually damaging a pump's motor. You can prevent the issue by buying a water pump equipped with a low-flow safety switch. The feature detects reduced pressure in pipes and immediately turns off the water pump. Most importantly, the feature allows a misting system to last a long time regardless of water supply issues in your home.